Wipe That is all about helping Australians make small swaps at home for more sustainable living, starting in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Following the success of its first products – bamboo and recycled toilet paper rolls – the Melbourne-based company, which is run by three women, has come up with Laundry Project, an eco-friendly alternative to typical liquid laundry detergents.

The hypoallergenic washing sheets contain a mix of concentrated plant-based laundry detergent and fabric softener. They also dissolve in hot or cold water.

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The inspiration came about from the founders own frustration when washing laundry, both from a mess perspective but also due to the unsustainable nature of many detergents. Most of us wouldn’t think of laundry detergents as unsustainable, but they often contain harsh chemicals and come in single-use plastic bottles. Wipe That’s sheets are biodegradable and come in recycled paper packaging to avoid adding to landfill.

A pack of 30 sheets costs $18.50 (it’s one sheet per seven kilos of laundry), or $16.65 with a fortnightly subscription, and can be delivered to most places in Australia.


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