When it comes to dressing your bed, most bundles include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, usually in the same material and in one – maybe two – hues.

The Sheet Society founders Hayley and Andy Worley think it should be more fun than that.

“The idea behind the brand is you dress your bed like you would dress yourself, so you put together an outfit,” Hayley tells Broadsheet. “Start with blush pink, maybe some terracotta, maybe some rust tones. They’re easy to mix and match.”

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The Melbourne-based couple has just launched the Bed Builder, a new augmented-reality tool that uses your smartphone camera to let you see how your dream combination looks.

There are two ways to use the tech: on desktop and on mobile, both accessed through a web browser.

You’ll first select your sheets, quilt cover and pillowcases choosing colours (such as moss green, midnight blue, charcoal, terracotta, rose and rust), sizing (from cot size right up to super king) and material (natural fibres include 400 thread count cotton, flax linen and stone-washed cotton stripe).

On desktop, you’ll be shown a generic bed with a plain background. On your phone though, there’s an option to superimpose styles straight into your own bedroom.

All up you can try out more than 14 quadrillion combinations. Beyond working out which colours and textures work well together, the tool lets you see if the bedspread matches everything around it, from the bedhead and wallpaper to trinkets on your nightstand. You can even walk around your room and see how it looks from different angles.

“It’s a fully customizable experience,” Andy says. “You can go in and change all the pillowcase covers, change your sizes, change your quilt cover, fitted sheet and flat sheet and switch this colour with that.”

All of the label’s products are designed to be practical, with invisible zips to secure quilt covers around your doona, wide elastic and deep overhang to make sure your fitted sheets fit, and deep pillowcase folds to help tuck your pillows in.

Quilted, corduroy and waffle duvet covers will be added to the Bed Builder soon, too.