Have you noticed odd changes in your family and friends during lockdown? Or maybe some changes in yourself? It’s fair to say we’ve all gone a bit loopy these past two months.

While everyone has reacted differently to the pressures of isolation, we here at Broadsheet have noticed some definite archetypes emerge. You people with a sudden passion for baking sourdough – we see you. Same to you, people now watching waaay more TV than might be considered healthy.

Inspired by Sam Moore’s People of New Zealand, we asked Australian illustrator Campbell Walker (better known as Struthless) to draw five of the most common transformations we’ve observed during lockdown.

The result, People of Isolation, shows what ordinary Australians have become: Active Woman, Captain Domestic, The Binge Lord, The Project Queen and The Toddler Wranglers.

Perhaps you recognise yourself in one (or more) of these illustrations? Chin up, you binge watching, obsessive cleaning, home exercising, toddler taming, sourdough-bakers of Australia: isolation will be over soon enough.