A beach comb might not seem like a thrilling new invention, but once you have one, you might wonder why everyone else is carrying hefty beach chairs around instead of this lightweight accessory. Like a giant comb, the Beachcoma can carve grooves into the sand creating a deep beach seat and – if you’re savvy – a sturdy mound of sand for a headrest.

The idea comes from two Sydney entrepreneurs, Itai Leffler and Dan Lewinsky, who set out to make an ergonomic and sustainable beach tool to rival a chair. It took them just six weeks to bring the idea to fruition.

“It’s something so simple that it should have been done many years ago,” says co-founder Leffler. “I can’t believe no one has ever thought of this product before.”

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Each Beachcoma is made from recycled milk cartons, juice bottles, drinks caps and bottle neck rings together with soft plastics collected through the Redcycle program.

“We experimented with different materials like wood, but that wasn’t ideal because it can bend and water can get into it. So we started thinking about plastics but wanted to be eco-conscious,” says Leffler. “Plus, it only weighs 320 grams, fits into your beach bag and removes the need to lug heavy chairs down to the beach.”

Why not just use our hands? The specially designed waves on the Beachcoma “compresses the sand which makes it so much more comfortable,” Lewinsky says. As a bonus, it can double as a toy for the kids, instead of a bucket and spade.

Available in four colours – yellow, blue, milky (mixed colours) and original (darker mixed colours) – each Beachcoma is named after one of Sydney’s eastern suburb beaches: Bondi, Tama[rama], Bronte and Coogee. The founders say the range is just the beginning; they’re working on more products to complement the range for 2022.

Each Beachcoma costs $34.99 and shipping is calculated based on your location.