Broadsheet has been a big fan of Nonna’s Grocer’s lifelike fruit-shaped candles since the brand launched last year. And our affection for New South Wales-based ceramicist Milly Dent goes way back to her first set of asymmetrical gem cups painted with ripples of blue-and-white swirls. So imagine our joy at seeing these two makers come together for a tasty collaboration that’s going straight to the Christmas wish list.

Enter the butter-shaped candle and butter dish combo you didn’t know you needed. Nonna’s Grocer and Milly Dent have teamed up to honour the ultimate dinner table accompaniment in wax, presenting it in a hand-finished ceramic dish that’s designed to catch melting wax, before being repurposed into a real butter dish when your candle is all burnt out.

It’s a combination of transience and durable, practical design. Dent describes it as a celebration of “both soft and hard mediums”.

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The limited edition Butter in a Dish ($150) is available to purchase from both websites from October 1.