The lightbulb moment for Melbourne-based business owner Sophie McGrath came in lockdown. It was 2021, and the PR company founder was fed up with using tacky, supermarket-bought lubricants that seemed to trigger some sort of infection or irritation.

“I’ve tried it all,” McGrath tells Broadsheet. “Your great independent brands, your big brands from the supermarket, and I just had this moment where I thought, ‘Maybe I can be my own guinea pig and create something different’.

“I’ve always used lube ... But because a lot of lubricants are made for men, they don’t focus on maintaining a healthy vaginal environment.”

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So, she decided to create her own – one that would be environmentally friendly, feel good on your bits and most importantly, wouldn’t harm any of your body’s natural functions. McGrath hired scientist and formulator Wanda Chin to help her find a formula for a high-quality lubricant that that also prioritised sustainability.

The result? A water-based lubricant that contains green tea seed extract, fermented cranberry and prebiotics – all of which are cruelty-free. It’s made for female bodies, it’s gentle on the skin and the product’s natural ingredients are scientifically tested to enhance hydration and provide a soothing sensation.

The product is the first from McGrath’s brand Bed Intentions – a company with visions to create products that help you have more pleasure from sex or sleep. It is also working on an oil-based lubricant and some ingestible products to help with sleep, which will be launched later in the year.

At the moment, the flagship lubricant is McGrath’s baby. It’s also certified as microbiome-friendly – with the seal of quality assurance from My Microbiome, an independent, internationally recognised company that tests cosmetics and textiles. It ensures the product does not inhibit the growth of friendly bacteria on the body.

“Certifications hold us accountable,” McGrath says. “It’s very important for us to create something that can do good. We don’t want to create stuff just to create it; it’s got to be made with intention, and it’s got to be something that people actually need.”

Bed Intentions is also B-Corp certified, which solidifies its commitment to ethical business practices. It is also certified carbon positive by Trace, which means the company purchases more carbon credits than it produces, and it has a partnership with Blaq, an Aboriginal Corporation committed to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQI+SB community.

The water-based lubricant is made in Australia (at the moment in Western Australia). It doesn’t stain and it washes off easily. More importantly, it’s very slippery and fit for purpose.

“You can use it with a partner, or during solo play, by using as much or as little as you need,” says the Bed Intentions founder.

And, if plastic packaging is a turn-off, the tube and cap are made of aluminium, making it 100 per cent recyclable. It’s affordable too, with the 70-mil hand cream-style tube selling for $35.