Discovering the warming power of flannel bedding is a life-changing moment. That agonising feeling of crawling into an icy bed is in your past – that is, unless you tend to sleep warm. Then sliding between two flannel sheets is like sleeping in a jaffle.

But that’s not an issue you need to worry about with In Bed’s new winter release, says Pip Vassett. The brand’s flannel range is 100 per cent cotton, “which makes it breathable, as it’s a completely natural fabric,” says the creator of the Sydney-based luxury bedding and lifestyle brand.

“[It’s] brushed both sides, which means it’s velvety soft,” says Vassett. “The flannel most people think of is quite often partially made from man-made fibres and tends to be fairly stiff and likely to ball up the minute it’s slept on. That’s definitely not the case here.”

The 2020 range features striking grey stripes on a set of pillowcases, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a duvet cover (prices range from $75 to $175). There’s also a quilted linen bedcover available in both grey and blue ($490), made with 100 per cent cotton filling instead of polyester.

Vassett says the key to the fabric’s warmth is the brushing. “Sometimes cotton can have a cool feel to it in winter, but our flannel is brushed on both sides so it’s warm from the moment you jump into the bed,” she says.

If you’re still concerned the flannel might leave you a sweaty mess, you can pair it with linen. “If you want to mix them up rather than having an entire bed of flannel, it creates this really lovely, textural wintery look,” says Vassett.

The flannel range is woven and made in Guimaraes, Portugal, by a small family business that’s been operating since the 1940s. Vassett says the factory has heavily invested in sustainable practices. It’s also where In Bed’s linen is manufactured, using certified European Flax (which means the flax growers and traders follow environmental best practice, guaranteeing a high level of traceability and accountability through each stage of production).

“I think it’s important to make this distinction,” says Vassett. “Our bedding certainly isn’t the cheapest out there, but we don’t aim to be – we aim to make a beautiful product from sources we trust and that we know the full origin of. If someone is comparing us with another brand that is much, much cheaper they need to know why that is.”