If I had to answer honestly and my word limit was three, I’d say Bosito’s Eucalyptus Spray is the ultimate home scent. It’s clean, it smells like fresh laundry and the outback at the same time, it’s cheap, and it’s readily available. But, when mates are coming over for a dinner party or the in-laws are en route, you might want to opt for something less clinical and go for a chicer option. We’ve picked out 13 products that give you a sense of luxury – and their pleasant smells last ages.

Let’s start with the most conventional of home-scent sources: candles. Sydney’s Provider Store has an all-class selection. The Surry Hills shop collaborates with Japanese ceramicists to make each unique vessel, then it hand pours the wax into each holder in-store ($49–$89). For something feel-good there’s Two Good Co’s Two Hugs candle in geranium, lavender and clary sage ($69). Employing vulnerable women, Two Good’s candles are made in collaboration with candle maker and perfumier Ainslie Walker. Kakadu Plum Co’s Man-Gala candle ($25.95) smells of lemon, pine needle, eucalyptus and lemon myrtle and it burns for up to 40 hours. Its name comes from the Yawuru calendar for the summer season in Western Australia. Sydney-based Lumira has an extensive selection of scented candles; its Cuban Tobacco ($70) has cardamom and clove notes and is a very lovely mood-enhancer. Bush Walk ($49) by Black Blaze, also based in Sydney, offers a piney, grassy, herby scent – good for a Sunday morning. Also, for those who prefer the look of a candle but don’t want the smell, Nonna’s Grocer has a range of fruit-inspired non-scented candles ($18–$32).

Have we mentioned Bosito’s Eucalyptus Spray? No, seriously, it’s the best. But we also highly recommend spritzing of all of Maison Balzac’s Scented Water room sprays ($49). La Chapelle is named after founder Eloise Pioch’s former Sydney church home. It has incense and myrrh notes, and it’s also good as perfume. Then there is Aesop’s trio of room sprays – three 50-millilitre versions of the signature Aesop scents for $120. It says two-to-three pumps of the tobacco and pink pepper, or citrusy cedar, or woody incense and myrrh will last for hours. And for an environmentally motivated scent, Koala Eco’s plant-based natural room spray has an uplifting scent of pink grapefruit and peppermint ($16.95).

Oils and incense
Ayu is a great option for scenting a room for meditation or gentle exercise. There are four scents, and our pick is the Frankincense ($30). Each pack contains 20 sticks that were hand-crafted in India. US-based Bodha has sticks of smokeless incense made in Japan. Its Refresh sticks have notes of petitgrain and violet leaf ($35). Australian First Nations-owned-and-operated business Indigiearth has essential oils ($18.50 each). There are four available, but a few drops of Awakening, featuring lemon, basil, peppermint and rosemary, will do wonders for the soul.

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