Sarah Ellison is a master of directional yet functional furniture – pieces that make you feel at home, yet add to the aesthetics of your space.

The Byron Bay designer launched her business in 2017, after a seven-year stint as style editor at Real Living magazine. Since then, she’s created everything from architectural vases to linen lounges, to the super popular Huggy chair - and she’s just released the brand’s first bed frame.

The Yoko – made from a combination of solid and veneer teak – is designed to work in both large and small spaces, and comes in both king and queen sized formats, either with or without a headboard.

“The design of the bed was quite quick, actually,” she says. “I knew I wanted spherical feet and a really minimal bed that works in many different spaces. Since many of us move houses frequently, it’s important that your investment pieces like your bed are versatile in that way.”

The production of the bed, however, took a bit longer – Ellison says it took some “clever engineering” to achieve the look she wanted, with the solid timber balls that prop the frame up the most difficult part.

At this stage, she doesn’t plan on making other bed frames (but she does plan to release a lighter oak colour option in future). “I love this design, and within the Sarah Ellison brand, we just want to make great pieces that our customers can invest in and do that well.”

You can order the teak version now for delivery in November – prices range from $3950 to $5650.