A bowl of happy clams. An orange in sunnies flirting with a dazed spritz. Ravioli lazing around in a pool of tomato sauce. A chubby lemon taking a nice, long nap.

If borders weren’t closed, the cartoon scenes on the new Worktones x Lauren Martin tea towel could be us in the Tuscan sun or lazing around on the Amalfi Coast. The new collaboration between the Aussie workwear label and the New York-based illustrator is all we have right now, but it sure is cheering us up.

The illustration, available on a 100 per cent linen tea towel and as a free wallpaper design for your phone, is based on the ideal Italian getaway, complete with bowls of spaghetti, an ice cold aperitivo and an abundance of citrus fruits.

Martin’s designs bring objects to life through cheeky faces and relatable expressions, and the tipsy Aperol spritz is the main character on this porcelain mug, with the indelible phrase “pretty pretty pretty good” printed on the back.

There are three items in the range so far, with more to come. Martin, whose work has been published in the New York Times and the Washington Post, is designing a cheeky little sticker set too. There’ll also be more items added to the brand’s “Not Aprons” range, including a citrus oil from Musée du Oil. Plus, you can stock up on citrus-shaped candles by Nonna’s Grocer, which will light up any table setting.

Worktones delivers across Australia via Australia Post or Star Track, depending on location.