Kerryn Levy Ceramics
There’s something very soothing about these asymmetrical sculptural vases by South Australian stoneware artist Kerryn Levy. She hand-builds one-off pieces into bendy tree trunk-like shapes that curve into each other, and the forms she creates are connected to the human body and the Australian landscape. The vessels can be used for single-stem flowers or as ornamental pieces on their own. They come in natural, earthy colours: charcoal, bluegum, eggshell and grey. $250 /

Dazed by Amazed Linen
This autumn you can match your bed linen to the season. Jes Saddington makes pure French linen bedding in Newcastle, and hand-dyes it to order in tonal burnt orange, dusty pink, mustard and creamy vanilla tones. These pillowcases, fitted sheets, duvet covers and throws look as delicious as they sound in hues named honey, cinnamon, saffron, terra rose, apricot and peach. Little linens for cots and kids’ beds are also available. $300 for a cover sheet and two pillowcases /

Apiary Made beeswax wraps
These beeswax wraps are a healthy and sustainable way to store food and keep your produce fresher for longer. They’re made with organic cotton, beeswax and jojoba oil, and they help keep produce while allowing it to breath. The Apiary wraps can be used to pack your sandwiches or store cheese and smallgoods, and they come in cute, colourful designs. Sold individually or in an assorted three pack, these beeswax wraps are reusable, washable and will last up to 12 months. Tick, tick, tick. $37.50 for a pack of three /

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