July Luggage
Sure, this Australian-designed hardcase bag looks like every other stylish oblong on the baggage carousel. But it’s what’s on the inside that counts: a removable battery with USB and USB-C ports for charging your phone. More ticks: a handle that locks at any height (not just two or three), a built-in laundry bag and a lifetime guarantee on the wheels. And it’s about 25 per cent cheaper than the competition. $295 / getjuly.com

Kimura Crumple Old Fashioned
There are thousands of glasses on the market, but very few this striking. This hand-blown crystal piece is produced by Kimura, a Japanese company founded in 1910. The design dates back to 1979 and now has a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. If you don’t mind the lack of symmetry, it’s sure to liven up your next drink. $79 / thedeastore.com

Taking your lunch to work saves money, but it's not always convenient. Meet the Beetbox, an 850-millilitre glass lunchboxes for grown-ups. It has a microwave safe body, and a spill-proof silicone and anodised aluminium lid. An interior container (sold separately) keeps salad dressing and sauces separate. Tuck a banana or muesli bar into the elasticised X on the case and you’re good to go. $49.95 / beetbox.com

This story originally appeared in Melbourne Print Issue 25 and Sydney Print Issue 17