For creative couple Carissa Karamarko (an oil painter) and Mikey Ting (an artist and designer), a shared passion for furniture-making and interior design has culminated in Studio Ting, their newly opened creative studio in Preston, in Melbourne’s north.

“We are inspired by the blurry space where art becomes furniture and furniture becomes art,” Karamarko tells Broadsheet. “With the addition of the handpainted elements, our mirrors occupy that blurry space nicely.”

There are four to choose from in Karamarko and Ting’s debut Wave Mirror collection, which has evolved all the way from concept to completion at their new studio. The super sleek (and slim) pieces are fabricated from laser-cut steel, with a thin bezel frame.

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Featuring psychedelic, ’70s-style lettering, there’s a statement arched mirror that reads “Do It Now” just above curvy-cut glass, and a round one with “Go Get It” written three times in the shape of a circle. Both mirrors are also available sans motivational text.

Four different colourways are available across the range: forest, orange, blue and tan (handpainted by Ting). And a heavy-duty loop is attached, so they’re ready to hang.

What’s next for Karamarko and Ting? “Our first dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, three-seater lounges and some amazing hand mirrors,” Karamarko says. Expect “bold colours, hand-stained and -painted timber elements, and unique forms”.

As well as dealing in ready-to-buy pieces, Studio Ting is also open for collaborations; get in touch here.

The Wave Mirror collection ranges from $550 to $780. Nationwide shipping is available, with a four- to six-week lead time.