Linen bedding isn’t for everyone. While the material has been wildly popular in Australia thanks to labels such as Bed Threads and In Bed, for some cotton is their ride-or-die when it comes to sleep.

Until now, it was difficult to find 100 per cent cotton linen that would give a textured, laid-back feel to your bedroom’s aesthetics. Crushed linen automatically took the “hotel” feel away from a finished bed, making a room look lived-in without verging on messy territory.

Enter bouclé: a fabric commonly used in upholstery, now reimagined by The Sheet Society for lush bedding.

“Our new bouclé fabric is made using a yarn that’s been spun with an uneven texture. This means there’s thicker bits spliced with thinner bits in the weave, creating a lovely, luxurious tapestry,” Hayley Worley, co-founder of Sheet Society, explains.

Bouclé is traditionally a heavier fabric, and it’s probably not something you’d want on your bed. But the good people at Sheet Society say they’ve worked to create a lighter, feathered version that retains the textured feel without the heaviness. They also say the material gets softer with use, which is really what we all want from our bed linen.

The new collection features tonal hues such as terracotta, a soft-pink blush and “warm white” (a creamy ivory that’s “two shades shy of white”).

The Sheet Society’s bouclé bed linen is available now.