We’ve never needed community spirit more than we do right now. But the coronavirus crisis presents a unique challenge: how can you connect with people around you when you can’t get close to them?

Melbourne-based designer Emma Kate Codrington is behind stationery company Emma Kate Co, and she’s come up with Neighbour Notes, an easy (and safe) way to show support to others in isolation.

Neighbour Notes is a series of free postcards you can download and print at home, then fill out and pop in the letterboxes of those living nearby. They’re beautifully designed, and something about their tactile nature means they feel more human and thoughtful than a Facetime call.

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“Greeting cards are uplifting and very nurturing,” says Codrington. “[It’s just] a way to keep everyone able to communicate and be connected and to make them feel less lonely during this time.”

One design, called I Can Help, lets you offer assistance with dog walking, delivering groceries and dropping off activities for kids, with space to fill in your number to schedule a check-in phone call.

Another, called I Can Share, lets your neighbours know you have spare essentials such as soap, toilet paper, pasta, coffee, flour and eggs.

If you’re creating a WhatsApp group to keep your street, neighbourhood or apartment building connected, there’s a card for that too.

And if you just want to write something more personal – such as a handwritten invite to a virtual vino or a good quarantine puzzle recommendation – there are blank options to choose from too.

Sure, there are plenty of easier ways to stay in touch, but in the era of Zoom calls and Houseparty chats, there’s something about a considerate, handwritten note that resonates on a deeper level – even if it’s as straightforward as checking in on toilet-paper stock levels.

Download Neighbour Notes here to print or send via email.