An Australian-made or designed gift to suit any budget.

Sheet masks by Mecca Cosmetica, $15
This is a 15-minute slice of luxury for those mums – ie. all – who could use some quiet time pampering themselves. These hydrogel sheet masks are all about quick and intense skin hydration and boosting radiance, and they’re instantly refreshing and cooling on the skin. The Lit From Within Mask gives mum’s skin a concentrated dose of brightening and moisturising ingredients, including vitamin C. The Fresh Faced Face Mask – with hyaluronic acid as its key ingredient – offers hydration and plumping.

Mecca Cosmetica’s sheet masks are $15 each. Buy here and here, or in-store.

Broadsheet books, starting at $29.95
The Melbourne and Sydney cookbooks feature recipes from some of the country’s best restaurants. (Want to serve mum one of Lune’s famous croissants for Mother’s Day next year? Borrow the book you’re going to give her this year.) You’ll also find our latest books, Broadsheet Sydney Food and Broadsheet Melbourne Food. Or you can snap them up in a bundle.

Broadsheet books begin at $29.95. Buy here, and in all good bookstores.

Utzon Collection plates, starting at $35
The Sydney Opera House commissioned local artist Samantha Robinson to create a limited-edition ceramics collection to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late Jorn Utzon, the architect behind what is arguably Australia’s most recognisable building. Inspired by the Utzon tapestry, a textile piece found in the Opera House’s Utzon Room, these hand-made tapas plates incorporate graphic elements from that interior’s colourful design.

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Sydney Opera House’s Utzon Collection begins at $35. Buy here.

Italian Bitter Orange by Adelaide Hills Distillery, $60
Spice up mum’s aperitivo hour with a bottle of Adelaide Hills Distillery’s Italian Bitter Orange. The fresh, bitter, citrus-driven liqueur is inspired by classic Italian aperitifs and made with a rollcall of Australian flavours: oranges, riberries, native thyme, sunrise lime and quandong. Need further convincing? It just won double gold at the world’s most prestigious spirit awards. Try it over ice with sparkling wine for a Mother's Day spritz, or add vermouth, gin and a twist of orange peel for an Aussie Negroni. File it between Campari and Aperol in the liquor cabinet.

Adelaide Hills Distillery’s Italian Bitter Orange cost $60. Buy here

A wine subscription by A Wine Service, starting at $120
A Wine Service is a selection of six to 12 seasonal wines, curated by the very knowledgeable folks at Victorian bottle shop Blackhearts & Sparrows, ranging from the adventurous and esoteric, to more easy-drinking options. The “classic” subscription begins at $120 per month, and you can choose from white, red, or mixed. The bottles are everyday wines – approachable, bright and great with any weeknight dinner. The “esoteric” option (starting at $180) is a collection of wines by smaller, pioneering makers, while the “premium” range (starting at $220) caters to the mum who knows exactly what she wants to drink; it offers revered local and foreign producers.

A Wine Service subscription begins at $120. Buy here.

Seljak Brand blanket, $299
This Seljak Brand recycled blanket is warm and cuddly and made from the offcuts produced by a Tasmanian wool mill. It is 70 per cent merino wool and woven with recycled alpaca, mohair and polyester for strength; it’s not only beautiful but strong, lightweight, and odour and stain resistant. The final sell? Once your mama is finished with her blankie, she can send it back to the mill to be shredded and woven into a brand new product. Not that anyone’s ever going to be done with this fabulous thing, of course.

Seljak Brand blankets are available in a variety of styles and colours and start at $299 for adult-sized blankets. Buy here.