“Marimekko is not about trending fashion. We make timeless and lasting products, which by chance, are often very fashionable,” the label’s co-founder, Armi Raita, once said. Coming from a newer, flashier company this might seem like empty marketing-speak, but over the past 70 years the Finnish icon has been backing up these words at every step.

Its signature floral fabrics are at once both timeless and fresh, and have a weight and quality to them that make every Marimekko dress, shirt and coat a buy-for-life proposition. Ditto for its distinctive mugs, plates, vases, aprons and other homewares.

The label’s latest homewares collection, from Helsinki-based artist and designer Aino-Maija Metsola, subtly advances this heritage while paying it due respect. Released for Finnish winter and Australian spring, it features floral watercolour prints in the classic hyhmä (frost) style, depicting icy blooms and stems swaying in the wind.

Specific pieces include the Louhi tri-colour plywood tray suitable for a sideboard or kitchen counter, affordable mugs, the dishwasher-safe Hyhmä plate, and Hyhmä apron and matching oven glove.

The collection (and Marimekko’s entire catalogue) is available at marimekko.com/au_en.

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