Jnr Life was born in Melbourne in 2018 after founders Nikki Davis and Ashleigh Pyke saw a gap in the market for thoughtfully designed and considered products for babies and children – pieces people would be proud to have in their home when guests visited.

They launched with the Boom Boom play mat, an aesthetically pleasing quilted mat in contemporary colours made for children to lay and wriggle on (in oval and round). The now two mothers of two have just added the equally as smart looking Jnr Play range – a collection of soft, padded shapes perfect for rolling, climbing and gentle play, made by hand by a third-generation upholsterer in Melbourne.

They come in different sizes and, like the Boom Boom play mat, form is just as important as function. “The fabrics for Jnr Play are sourced from a premium local fabric supplier who has been in the business for over 50 years,” Pyke tells Broadsheet. “They are textured for an added sensory experience, as well as being Oeko-Tex certified and robust enough to withstand sticky fingers, spills and UV light.”

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There are three shapes: a cylinder, a half cylinder and a 3D arc, which looks a little like a segment of a rainbow. They come in colours with names that include lobster, sunshine and ocean, which are made to complement the palette of the mats (linen, navy, rust, grey, sage and stone). All products by Jnr Life are water and stain-resistant, and if they get messy they can be spot-cleaned or given a wash.

“We’ve always been driven by a philosophy of creating pieces that we can envisage in our own homes where we and our children live. Utility and durability at our core,” says Davis.