Everyone knows good-quality sleep is important for your everyday life, but let’s be real: most of us don’t sleep as much, or as well, as we should.

Studies show that sleep, and its duration, timing and quality, is a significant factor when it comes to health and daily functions, such as metabolism, emotional regulation, performance, memory and learning.

Dayne Gruenthal recognised all this, so a few years ago he set out to find his perfect mattress. After hopping from warehouse to warehouse on a futile search, he and friend James Cole saw two issues. The first was the lack of fairly priced, but still good-quality, mattresses on the market. And the second was salespeople telling them whatever they wanted to hear, regardless of whether or not the mattress was an actual good fit.

“We started looking into it ourselves and one thing led to another, then we said, ‘Let’s make our own mattress company’,” Gruenthal says.

The result is Macoda, a direct-to-consumer mattress manufacturer that keeps costs down by cutting out middlemen, commissions, shopfront rent and other retail moving parts.

Its point of difference is the hybrid design: the mattress utilises both foam and pocket springs, finding a good balance between too-soft and too-firm. Its memory foam is also infused with cooling gel beads, so you won’t wake up in a sweat.

While Macoda only has one type of mattress (in four sizes), Gruenthal and Cole know that sleep isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Underneath the removable bamboo quilting are three layers of foam that can be taken out or put back in to adjust the mattress firmness depending on what suits your needs.

“You’re not going to find a marathon runner running in flip-flops, they’ll be in a good pair of shoes and get the most out of them – it’s the same with the mattress,” Gruenthal says.

Macoda’s mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, plus a 100-night guarantee, free delivery across the country and free returns. And returned mattresses aren’t resold – instead they’re donated to charity.

The company also has a pillow that stays cool thanks to its open structure and cooling gel glaze, stays fresh thanks to odour-neutralising charcoal, and comes with an ultra-soft bamboo cover.

“People just aren’t getting enough sleep, and I think now more than ever, we need to invest in it. Mental health, physical health, all that – having good sleep, and a good-quality mattress, are the foundations for them,” Gruenthal says.


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