Is it just us, or is linen everywhere? Shops and our wardrobes have miraculously filled with it – and also our linen cupboards. (I suppose that’s why they’re called “linen” cupboards?) It’s no surprise, really: Linen is comfortable, you don’t have to iron it, it breathes in stuffy weather, and it makes you feel like you’ve stepped off a yacht in Monte Carlo (or like you’re crawling into bed in the south of France). Now there’s a new local label on the market: Carlotta & Gee.

Carlotta & Gee is the side hustle of besties from Sydney’s Tamarama, Georgie Cavanagh and Carlotta Casals, who were inspired to launch the brand after discovering the beauty of French linen while travelling in Europe. Last January they returned to France, to Normandy on the west coast, with a mission of finding a raw material supplier.

Less than two years on, their luxurious yet affordable linen range is gracing beds across Australia and beyond – including the LA home of Matt Damon and his wife. “We were beyond excited when he and his wife discovered our label, buying a number of items [from Liberty Trading Co in Byron Bay, which stocks the products],” says Cavanagh.

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Their range of pillows, sheets and duvet covers come in 14 colours (our favourites are oat and olive stripes) and is made from 100 per cent flax linen, which is anti-perspirant, keeps its shape better than linen made from other fibres, and is eco-friendly. Flax crops require less water than cotton and wool (and are made without pesticides). And all parts of the plants are used, including the seeds (which are eaten and used to make oil).

“We had a clear vision. We knew what we wanted and how we were going to do it,” says Cavanagh. “Our vision for this company is more than ‘product’. It’s a lifestyle, dream, aesthetic, personality and vibe. The biggest challenge is keeping up with the demand (some would say that is not a bad problem to have) while already working seven days a week,” says Cavanagh.

Two more things we love about linen – in addition to how it looks and feels – is how easy it is to care for, and how it gets better with use. Carlotta and Georgie’s advice is to wash linen in warm water on a gentle cycle, and to not keep it in the sun for too long. Their fabric is pre-washed for one hour with volcanic Malaysian stones to soften it – and you’ll notice it soften more with each wash at home.

Carlotta & Gee is available online, at Assembly Label and sometimes at Sydney’s Sunday Bondi Market.