It’s no longer fair to call Koala “a mattress company”. Sure, it made a name for itself with its affordable, direct-to-consumer “mattress in a box” model. But the catalogue is slowly growing and now includes bed bases, desks, armchairs and TV cabinets.

The five-year-old company put on some more speed this month, with the launch of two new couches simply called Compact Sofa and Modern Sofa. They join the original Lounging Sofa, introduced in 2018.

“When we took our first step out of the bedroom and into the living room, we wanted an all-rounder product that would be appeal to a broad majority of users,” says Koala’s design director, Demetre Tryfiatis.

“The intention of leading with the Lounging Sofa was to start learning about what people wanted. We’re very user-centric – we want to know exactly what the users want and then develop a product for them, rather than dictate to them what they want.”

The Compact and Modern, which rest on solid beech legs and come in light or dark colourways, were designed following extensive customer feedback. As the name suggests, the Compact is suitable for apartments and smaller homes and “built to navigate tight turns, low doors and narrow stairways”. The larger Modern is a modular piece with several potential seating arrangements, including a corner-ready L-shape, an attached chaise lounge or detached ottoman.

Unlike at traditional furniture showrooms, there’s no massive wait time on getting one of these sofas. Koala delivers free to homes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide within four hours (how?). There’s also a 120-day trial period on every Koala sofa – if you don’t like the piece, the company will come and take it away.

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