Before launching Karst in Sydney in 2017, its founders asked a simple question: “Why does paper have to be made from trees?”

The answer? It doesn’t. The brand is now best-known worldwide for its stone-paper stationery, which is made with 100 per cent recycled stone – meaning no trees, water, bleach or other toxic chemicals.

“We want to make beautiful, considered products that are conscious of the environment,” says co-founder and co-CEO Jon Tse.

“[It’s] about creating design-oriented and sustainable products for the home and workplace to inspire our customers to be more creative and productive.”

Karst’s core range includes A5 and A4 hard- and soft-cover notebooks in black, grey and natural hues such as navy, pinot and eucalyptus. Their pages are bright, tear-resistant, waterproof and create a 60 per cent smaller carbon footprint than the wood-pulp alternative. (It takes around 18 tall trees and 2770 litres of water to produce a single tonne or ordinary paper, Tse explains.)

Karst also sells stone-paper planners, sketchpads, notepads, pocket journals and woodless pencils, with more products on the way.

You can also order custom stationery and one tree is also planted for every dollar spent across the website.

Generally, opting for a curated “bundle” of products will also save you between 10 and 20 per cent.

From November 20 to 30, though, rather than running a Black Friday sale, Karst will donate those savings to the World Literacy Foundation to assist with children’s literacy programs.

“We believe in acting today for a better planet tomorrow,” says Tse. “While we do our part to fight climate change now, we know that those who will endure the burden of climate change later are our children. We believe a strong educational foundation for all children is the best hope we have for tackling climate change into the future.”

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