Shopping mass-produced door handles rarely inspires enthusiasm. But for home-improvers, it’s a necessary evil.

To shake things up, a pair of Melbourne designers – Emily Gillis and Zachary Frankel – have collaborated on a range of “jewellery for your doors”. Inspired by flaky croissants and soft-boiled eggs, they’ll bring a bit of playfulness to your doors, cabinets, shutters or drawers.

Gillis has a background in interior and graphic design, plus art direction, while Frankel is a trained jeweller with experience in designing and building furniture. After meeting through mutual friends, they decided to pool some of their creative energy.

They began the process by hand-sketching each of the designs and figuring out which sizes would work best. They then created the egg and croissants in timber-model form to see how they would work in three dimensions. After cleaning up the models, they made sand moulds and poured in molten metal. Frankel says the sand moulds have a gritty surface that gives each piece a “charmingly imperfect beaten texture that ages gracefully”.

Each breakfast-inspired piece – “baked” in a family-run art foundry in Melbourne – is then given a blackened, distressed or natural bronze finish. “The handles celebrate imperfections, giving a space that palpable, lived-in feel,” says Gillis. “That’s what makes a space so beautiful – when it’s full of character.”

The croissant handle comes in 38 and 68 millimetres ($90 and $180 respectively); the 38-millimetre egg handle is $80, including screws. Shipping is available nationwide.