Longstanding, eco-minded Aussie company Natures Organics has released a new range of reusable cleaning products to replace the mishmash of sprays and cloths most of us hide under the kitchen sink.

It’s called Cove and comprises four main products – laundry liquid, bathroom and shower cleaner, multipurpose surface cleaner, and glass and window cleaner – that come in sleek, colour-coordinated aluminium spray bottles.

“We wanted to design something that was functional and beautiful, and gave you a really great experience when you used it,” says Justin Dowel, the executive chairman of Natures Organics, whose father started the company in the late ’80s.

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“We’ve designed something that people can put in their laundry or their bathroom or wherever and not have to hide it.”

The aluminium spray bottles can be refilled and recycled, and all Cove’s products are manufactured in a solar-powered factory in Ferntree Gully, a suburb in Melbourne’s south-east.

The products are plant-based, cruelty-free (meaning they’re not tested on animals), and use appealing natural scents such a citrus, eucalyptus and mint.

“There’s no point having all the environmental credentials if the function and use of the product doesn’t meet consumer expectation,” says Dowel.

Currently, the range is available online as well as at Coles and some IGA supermarkets.

The starter kit (which usually retails for $69.95 but is on sale for $49.95) includes a full set of four spray bottles, plus one refill for each and three microfibre cleaning cloths.

The best part? Once you’ve invested, the refills are only $3.50.

“There’s no point in having environmental products that aren’t affordable,” says Dowel.