Tamsin Johnson is one of Australia’s leading interior designers. Whether working on a commercial or residential project, her clients come to her for her good taste. And this extends to her advice on what to put on their walls.

“I buy art for most of my clients,” says the London-educated Sydneysider. “I send them a list depending on price point and what they want. Some people just want to fill their walls with something beautiful, and they’re drawn to what they like. Others focus on what’s emerging and what will go up in value. I tend to discourage that, because you’ll be looking at that art hopefully forever.”

As part of her job, Johnson deals with galleries around the country on a daily basis. It’s this type of insider knowledge that inspired the launch of MyBroadsheet, a new feature that will add a layer of personalisation to your regular experience of Broadsheet. With it you can discover, document and save your favourite elements of the city through customisable lists and bookmarks. You’ll never be stuck for somewhere to eat, drink, shop or visit again.

We asked Johnson to share her tips for must-see contemporary art galleries around Australia.

Sydney – Fox Jensen Gallery
“They’re probably the most international [of my picks] but they also represent a lot of Australian and New Zealand artists. It has some of the most famous Australian art – or most successful, if not famous – and also really beautiful abstract artists, like Coen Young, Aida Tomescu and Jan Albers. I deal with them all the time, and I’ve bought a lot from them. Incredible works from all around the world.”


Melbourne – Daine Singer
“She’s incredible. Pretty young for a gallery owner. She’s got a lot of younger, emerging artists, so the opposite of the Fox Jensen Gallery. She’s got Jahnne Pasco-White and Kate Tucker, who I’ve bought a lot of for clients. It’s entry-level price points, but really beautiful pieces. Again, pretty abstract, but a mix of photography as well. She’s really amazing at finding emerging artists and putting them on the map. I think she’s got about 10 to 20 artists at any given time, so a pretty exclusive group.”


Adelaide – Hugo Michell Gallery
“A great gallery representing contemporary art by established and emerging artists. It always has interesting and fun works. Trent Parke is one of my favourite photographers, and I recently just got a fabulous work of his called Hair Flick. He is a Magnum photographer and has a deep body of work.”


Brisbane – Milani Gallery
“Milani Gallery is the most established and progressive Brisbane gallery, with new premises that opened towards the end of 2018. They house a vast collection of Australian art, including compositions and multidisciplinary practice from Sam Cranstoun. They’re always inspiring and unique. I especially love the 3D element to a lot of the work they represent and the installation pieces. Love anything with a bit of texture. Gemma Smith is a fun, local and vibrant artist who they represent. She used to do beautiful prism sculptures and has now moved into larger abstract works. I also adore the works of Marita Fraser, the Brisbane-born, now London-based artist. She works with a flurry of metallic and pastel paintings with playful but engaging geometric shapes.”


Perth – Moore Contemporary
“Moore Gallery represents international and local artists, showcasing fun and eclectic contemporary art. They are the leaders in the west – including wonderful installation art – making for a truly engaging visit.”


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