There’s more to a comfortable, stylish home than just the furniture and trinkets inside it. For perfumer Ben Gorham, the founder of Swedish designer fragrance label Byredo, scent is an important factor. And he’s not alone in thinking this.

He founded the luxury brand in 2006 with the intention of translating memories and emotions into olfactory products, from perfumes and hand creams to scented candles and room sprays. Through Mecca, Byredo's perfumes go for more than $200 for just 50 millilitres, and a small candle that lasts 24 hours easily sets you back $62.

Now you can get one of his scents at a fraction of the cost. Gorham has collaborated with fellow Swedish retailer furniture giant Ikea to create Osynlig, a collection of scented candles designed to trigger nostalgic memories and make a room or home feel warmer and more comfortable.

Ikea wanted to add more scents to its range of homewares after it commissioned a survey that it says found smell is the sense most associated with the home. More than 40 per cent of survey respondents said their home has its own unique scent.

“The way your home smells is very emotional and plays a huge part in how you feel being there,” Gorham says in a statement. “It isn’t just about things being functional and practical, it’s the place where you come together with family and friends and make memories.”

The range includes 13 scents in three sizes, from a smaller pot with a 20-hour burn time up to a wider vessel with four wicks that lasts for 45 hours. It’ll set you back at least $10, and $49 at most.

The fragrances are divided into fresh, floral and woody notes, with combinations such as fig and cypress, peach blossom and bamboo, cotton flower and apple blossom, sandalwood and vanilla, and tobacco and honey.

Each candle comes in a hand-formed stoneware vessel glazed with two colours that Gorham chose to represent the ingredients used. And the engraved triangle on each one is more than just an aesthetic choice: it represents the combination of top, middle and base notes you smell when it’s lit.

Though Byredo is more known for its commercial perfumes, Gorham’s first fragrance project wasn’t made to be worn. In an interview with Into the Gloss in 2011, he recalled making scented candles for the first time in his home kitchen – poured into and set in glasses from Ikea.