Your friends are moving house. Maybe you’re having a last hurrah at their old place or helping them celebrate getting that final box unpacked – or going around to eat takeaway on the back steps because the inside is filled with half-assembled bookshelves. But you can’t just turn up empty-handed.

So, what do you get to mark the housewarming occasion when you’re not exactly sure what state “the occasion” will be in when you get there? (Don’t say a heater.) It’s a hard line to walk – you want something thoughtful that won’t clutter up a newly unpacked home. To help, we checked in on the recently moved at Broadsheet and put together this handy guide to things they actually found useful and welcome.

Something to drink
Let’s be blunt – moving sucks. As nice as it is to get into a new space and make it your own – to arrange your books just so – the process is usually pretty draining. So, what gift says “now you can relax and celebrate” better than a chilled bottle of sparkling? Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé is a vibrant, pink sparkling wine with a hint of watermelon and strawberry fruit flavour, an ideal refreshment after a long day lugging boxes. What’s more, for a limited time every bottle of Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé can carry a unique virtual greeting card, uploaded via a photo or video to the bottle’s QR code.

Something practical to read
This gift ticks two boxes at the same time. Both beautiful and practical, Dining In by US food writer Alison Roman is a great coffee table book filled with recipes that will work for cooks of all levels. It’s also dotted with shortcuts and kitchen hacks for when your friends want to put together a meal quickly, while also offering recipes and ideas that will stretch the repertoire.

Something to decorate
Flowers are a classic gift for a reason. They immediately brighten up a space, and there’s a bloom or bunch to suit all personalities. They’re also ideal for visiting in person or sending well wishes from afar. Put together a bouquet of native flowers yourself at your local florist or turn to a national delivery service like Floraly or Daily Blooms.

Something to help with unpacking
A classic of moving: there’s a large pile of boxes to unpack and the only thing that might motivate the newcomers to tackle the task at hand is some tunes. But who knows where the stereo is? And anyway, the electricity won’t be connected for another few hours. Be the hero of the pre-housewarming party and get them a (charged) Bluetooth speaker. Music makes the time go faster and they don’t have to think about plugging anything in. Practical. Helpful.

Something to grow
There’s a nice symbolism to a housewarming plant – it’s a celebration of your friends putting down their roots. Something hardy and easy to care for like a monstera or rubber plant is ideal, both of which will also look the part on those “Our new home!” Insta pics. Lean on the smaller side, unless you know they’re a green thumb with plenty of room. If you don’t live near your friends and can’t just drop something over, look for a nationwide service like Bosque to do the job for you.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Brown Brothers. For a limited time, buy a bottle of Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé and include a personalised digital message, photo or video. Find instructions on front of label.