It’s never too early to start planning for the festive season. That was Bianca Lambert’s thought when she started designing Rocky Road, a new range of plant accessories for Capra Designs.

“We created the range thinking about the festive season ahead, and fun and relaxation,” Lambert says. “We came up with a very layered, colourful series of patterns and textures, with designs that can be mixed and matched.

“As someone who loves indoor plants, we just wanted to create things that are really functional, and that can be planted and watered directly into.”

The Melbourne-based brand – established by Lambert, an arts marketer, with her carpenter partner, Thomas Wilson – has seen a gradual evolution of its palette since launching in 2015. Rather than entirely re-working previous designs, each new range builds on them. So while you’ll see a lot of Capra’s signature shades of navy and midnight in the Rocky Road range, you’ll also see new, more playful hues.

“I personally favour warm colours,” Lambert says. “I’m moving toward earthy tones and not shying away from being a little bit brighter.

“Rocky Road has pops of colour – such as marshmallow pinky peach and Violet Crumble ochre – tied in and layered with colours that people can use in their houses quite easily.”

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The pots, which are all made and finished by hand, come in a new variety of shapes. The “Banjo” is named after Lambert and Wilson’s son, and is a cylindrical pot that sits on a stilt and drip tray. Due to popular demand, Capra has also released a larger variation of the pot that is shaped specifically to fit Capra’s Diamond Wire Hanger.

“I enjoy experimenting a lot with different pore techniques – with resins that create different patterns and textures,” says Lambert. “The newest finish is the terrazzo, which comes in black with pops of ochre and red and white, so it still has a lot of personality even though it’s a black pot.”

The collection also features new wire hangers shaped to fit the various pot designs. Frames are available in several geometric shapes, such as a diamond or a crescent moon, and they’re all finished with brushed brass.

Capra Designs Rocky Road collection will be available from late October 2017. Pre-order is now available through the website. A pre-launch special of 15 per cent off is being offered throughout the month of August.