Lucy Glade-Wright started homewares store Hunting for George with her sister in 2010. The popular online hub is focused on design with personality, with a large range of Australian-made furnishings and products from textiles and prints to furniture and gardening tools, as well as carefully selected items from overseas.

For five years, Glade-Wright has lived in a spacious Art Deco flat in Elwood, a bayside suburb in Melbourne filled with colourful apartment blocks from that era. Glade-Wright’s building is called Miami, and just like that city, the space she’s created is sunny and stylish, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

"I think the most interesting pieces in your home are the pieces that have a story attached and our home is definitely a reflection of who we are," she says.

Name: Lucy Glade-Wright
Lives: In an Art Deco apartment in Elwood
Since: 2013
With who: My partner and favourite human Jonno Rodd

Have you made any changes to it since you moved in?
We’re renting so structurally no, however, we have given it a bit of a facelift. When we moved in the walls were filthy so we had to give her a few coats of paint. This helped to lighten the space and made the rooms appear larger. Also the light fixtures that came with the house were very old and daggy, so we switched them over. It was incredible how much the space improved as soon as we changed the light fixtures. When we move out we’ll put the ugly ones back and take ours with us. As for the floors, there’s not much you can do in a rental so we have relied on rugs to improve the look.

Favourite room in the house?
The living room for sure – that’s where everything goes down and it’s my favourite place to chill out... The arch windows in the living room are what first made me fall in love with the house – they let in the most beautiful light in the afternoon and make the room warm and inviting.

Favourite item in the house?
My Kriesler ’67 turntable. It belonged to my Grandmother Mem and used to live in her living room. When she passed away I wanted to restore it to its former glory. I found a legend of a radio repair guy who got it working again and now it lives in my sunroom. It has such an incredible sound and makes me smile every time I play a record.

Favourite homeware stores?
Well obviously Hunting for George is my number one, but I am a little biased. I absolutely love Merci in Paris, it is a truly incredible experience. Closer to home though I like visiting Smith Street in Melbourne – there’s some great shops to visit such as Tait and Happy Valley.

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