“Cushions can really change the atmosphere [of your home]. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to create a new look and feel, and ultimately we all spend a lot of time on our cushions – sitting on the couch watching a movie, or when you’re having guests,” Justin Kestelman says.

That’s why, when he was looking to decorate his new apartment and couldn’t find any good quality, mid-range cushions, he thought he’d fill the gap in the market himself.

The result is Hommey, a new Melbourne-based label dedicated to making cushions that are affordable, stylish, long-lasting and comfortable.

“It’s all about that attention to detail from a quality point of view, so an inner cushion that was extremely comfortable that had great bounce and softness but was still durable, with a range of covers that would appease a wide demographic, to essentially become a one-stop-shop for cushions,” he says.

The inner filling was the first step. It took 28 prototypes of the insert before Kestelman found what he was looking for: a weighty mix of down, feathers and hollow fibre that stays plump for good support while still fluffy and springy.

There are five sizes available, ranging from the Mighty at nearly one metre wide and tall to the Junior, a round pillow just 40 centimetres in diameter, plus more standard squares and bolsters in between.

Fabrics are sourced from around the world, with linen from Belgium, felt from Taiwan, and boucle and velvet from China. These materials are shipped to a factory in the Gold Coast, then the finished cushions sent to a Melbourne-based warehouse for distribution.

“I wanted to make sure I had full visibility over production and quality control, and sometimes when you go overseas you can never have that entire confidence,” Kestelman says. “Customers also want to know that products are made in Australia and support the economy, so those are the two considerations we took.”

Across all the sizes, fabrics and colours, Hommey has 161 unique cushion combinations, from watermelon boucle and butter-hued linen to Sicilian olive velvet and rusty felt. There are also curated packs with complementary colours and shapes to take the guesswork out of mixing and matching – think summery pastels, moody dark hues, pops of colour, nude neutrals and more.

Hommey cushions start at $69 and come with free standard shipping, plus free returns and a 30-day guarantee.


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