Floraly, the eco-friendly Australian flower service attempting to make the industry more sustainable (and deliver fresher flowers), is now selling tiny Christmas trees.

Clocking in at 60 centimetres, the trees – soured from Victoria and NSW – come in a box with baubles, fairy lights, batteries, a tree-topper decoration, soil and a pop-up pot to anchor it in your living room (or on your desk). And once the holiday season is over, you have the option of replanting your tree outside for extra joy throughout the year.

“Artificial Christmas trees are both non-renewable and polluting,” explains Professor Barbara Ozarska from Melbourne University’s School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences. “Also, in order to actually create the needles, lead is often times used – and lead can have a number of significant negative health effects, including kidney, neurological, and reproductive system damage.”

Floraly was launched this year by Alec Ramsey and Stefan Muff, and operates on a farm-to-vase model that sees flowers cut only after an order has been placed. The company says this model reduces flower waste from the industry standard of 30 per cent to about three per cent.

According to Floraly, more than 40 million flowers wither in stores across Australia each year. Floraly bouquet designer Erin Finn told Broadsheet that’s because physical shops need to keep a large amount of stock at all times: “Inevitably a lot of flowers die before being bought, ending up in the bin.”

The same thing happens to Christmas trees.

The trees are $79 and can be pre-ordered now. Delivery to Sydney, Wollongong, the Central Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne is free the first week of December. (There’s an optional chocolate add-on from Koko Black, too).