When we were deciding who should illustrate our new cookbook, Home Made, we couldn’t go past Melbourne-based cartoonist, illustrator and artist Oslo Davis, known for his sharp, witty work for publications like the New York Times, the Age and the Monthly. As expected, he brought humour and life to the book’s pages with illustrations that beautifully complement each recipe and the personality behind them.

In our new, limited edition Oslo Davis Broadsheet Editions collection, you can pick from four framed prints of the artist’s favourite illustrations from the book. There’s a laid-back paccheri (a large tubular pasta from Italy’s Campania region), depicted “waiting for a mate”, or a bottle of sherry, illustrated here with a slice of bread covering the glass (ready for some jamon or cheese on the side) – culminating in ready-made tapas and no insects in your drinks, a tip from chef Jesse Gerner. Champagne is inspired by Vue de Monde chef Hugh Allen’s recommendation to pop your bubbles with a sabre for added theatricality, while San Marzano is an ode to the much-loved Italian ingredient appearing in multiple Home Made recipes. There’s a fifth option too: The Collection brings together a large, playful selection of illustrations from the book. These prints will bring a bit of charm to any room of the house.

There’s only 200 of each Oslo Davis print available, so be quick to order your favourite. Each A3 print is framed locally in a beautiful stained Australian-timber frame.

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