Beautifully designed cookbooks can be as handy for home decorating as they are for home cooking. But Melbourne designer Gemma Leslie has taken it one step further, illustrating a series of recipes from leading Aussie chefs in A2-poster form.

They’re available from her new online store, Food for Everyone – a partnership with charity kitchen Fareshare – with 100 per cent of profits helping provide meals for Melburnians doing it tough. (Each poster purchased equals 70 meals through Fareshare.)

Leslie, who lost her job last year because of the pandemic, set up the store in response to the city’s public-housing lockdowns. (Fareshare, which has headquarters in Melbourne and Brisbane, provided meals to residents in the towers at the time.)

“I saw everything that was going on … and I just felt like a spectator,” says Leslie. “I had some spare time on my hands, I wanted to help out and I knew some great cooks who wanted to help out, so it kind of clicked.”

The posters are printed on paper made from recycled coffee cups, and the latest run features four recipes from Melbourne and Sydney chefs illustrated in Leslie’s vibrant, playful and delightfully naïve style.

There’s a blue-hued tuna tartare with crushed peas from Andrew McConnell’s Cumulus Inc, and pippies with karkalla and native citrus by Firedoor’s Lennox Hastie (who recently starred in an episode of Chef’s Table). Plus, strawberry sorbetto by Pidapipo’s Lisa Valmorbida, and halwa carrot cake by Tonka’s Kay-Lene Tan.

Posters cost $80 and pre-orders are available online until February 25.