Whether it’s serving as a multiple-seater at your dining table, a platform for your collection of coffee-table books or a clothes horse at the end of your bed, the humble bench is a versatile piece of furniture that works in just about any room. Benches are practical, and also add a lovely design accent to your living and sleeping spaces.

Sorensen Teak Bench – $349

This simple bench made with teak makes a subtle statement, with an organic curve on the seat’s edge that sets it apart from a typical wooden bench seat. Add a table lamp and some books for a stylish moment in your living room or entry. Available for purchase at Adelaide’s Living by Design and on the store’s website. (The popular seat is currently sold out, but a new order is on its way. Call (08) 8388 4213 for details.)


Peekaboo Acrylic bench – $733

Made from a single piece of 12-milimetre thick, clear acrylic, this bench looks like it’s been teleported from the ’60s, when futuristic plastic furniture became de rigueur. No matter how you use it, this piece will elevate the cool factor in any interior. Find it online at CB2, which is now shipping to Australia.


Ypperlig Bench – $55

Ikea has a range of cost-effective, well-designed bench seats, and our favourite is the Ypperlig Bench, which came out of a collaboration between the Swedish homewares maker and Danish design house Hay. Made from solid beech wood, with a cut-out design feature through the middle, this sturdy piece is flexible and ideal for those living in small spaces. The most attractive feature? The price.


Construct Bench – $799

The powdercoated frame of this refined, minimalist bench is softened by a felt top, which is available in a graphite or off-white colour. With such a simple form, it will sit nicely below a piece of artwork or will function as a smart pedestal for a piece of sculpture or another decorative object.


Half Hurdle Bench – $700

This playful bench seat by Australian designer Dowel Jones will replace the need for a couple of chairs at your dining table. Or, use it up against a wall as a lovely design accent. You can have some fun customising the metal frame, which is available in 20 different colours from pastel blue to a vibrant lemon yellow.


Moller Bench #63 – $1995

This creamy combination of woven paper cord and soaped oak will bring sophistication to any room in the house. We love it as a design accent at the end of your bed. Handcrafted in Denmark since 1963, this piece is as durable as it is elegant. The cost will be justified when you’re still using it in 50 years.