With three dogs, Sophie Guiney and Nicholas Karavas were having trouble finding dog beds that blended in with their stylish Adelaide house, which is filled with vintage and handmade pieces.

The couple was on the hunt for simple, chic alternatives that were both well-designed and Australian-made to complement the space’s splashes of colour, but kept coming up short. So they decided to design and make their own.

“Having a dog bed in your home is just as prominent as having a piece of furniture,” Guiney tells Broadsheet. “I like the fact that you could have it in the lounge as a floor cushion, or as a dog bed.”

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Doze dog beds are made with knitted Febrik textiles produced in Holland by fabric innovator Kvadrat. It’s normally used for commercial or residential upholstery and furniture – soft, comfortable and made to last, no matter what your pooch puts it through.

It comes in five colours, each with a distinctive design. The forest-green Triangle design has a mesmerising but subtle pattern, while Husk has raised ribbing in long, thick lines in eye-catching mustard. There’s also a deep blue with red flecks, a terracotta-hued cover with geometric lines and shapes, and the mosaic print with rusty diamonds.

The couple designed the beds to be simple pillows that weren’t too structured and didn’t scream out “a dog sleeps here”. Bonus: the fabrics are also machine washable for easy cleaning and care.

All the beds are handmade by an Adelaide upholstery specialist, and come in three different sizes that take your dog’s sleeping style, size and weight into consideration.

It’s designed for pooches, but is a hit with other pets, too. “Even our two cats sometimes sneak onto the dogs' beds when they’re not looking,” Guiney says, laughing.