Father's Day is coming up on Sunday September 3. Forget the ties and cufflinks – here are five gift ideas that he won't be expecting.

Bad Norwegian Wash Face
If you thought Norwegians have great skin because they tone with whale blubber, or something, turns out, no. It’s this fancy, fragrance-free face wash. Bad Norwegian makes skincare products specifically for men, and doesn’t test its products on animals. This wash is paraben free with active ingredients including cannabis sativa seed oil, apricot seed powder and vitamin E. It’s finished with a touch of menthol to make your pappa feel like he’s navigating the Nærøyfjord in November.

Bad Norwegian Wash Face is $45. Available from Esquire Male Grooming in Brisbane, with free delivery Australia-wide.

Mr. Black Denim Pack
Melburnian and denim obsessive Ash Black launched his eponymous garment-care range in 2011 after constantly being told by sales staff not to put his premium jeans in the washing machine lest he ruin them forever. Together with some of Australia’s leading textile technologists he developed his Mr. Black range of products, including the Denim Refresh (which disperses dirt and neutralises odour) and Denim Wash (which breaks down and rinses away dirt while maintaining colour intensity and reducing the risk of shrinking and stretching). Dad will thank you not only for the slickly designed bottles and future denim salvation, but for finding a solution to the sauce stain on his favourite pair of Japanese raw denim straight-legs.

Mr. Black’s Denim Pack is $36.90. Buy online at Mr. Black.

This is Not a Wine Guide by Chris Morrison
This is the book for the father who finds pleasure in wine and wants to enjoy it even more. Chris Morrison is an award-winning sommelier with many years experience in restaurants around Australia. This conversational book – his first – explains how to pair wine (in chapters “New Food, New Wine”; “The Restaurant Experience”; and “Serving Wine At Home”), how to learn what you like and how to build a collection. Make sure to borrow it as soon as dad’s finished.

This is Not a Wine Guide is $30.75. Buy online at Booktopia.

Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum
The close shave is back. Well, it never really went away. But now your dad can lose the stubble without aggravating or irritating his skin. Aesop’s low-foaming shaving serum is made with a blend of skin-calming botanicals, including sandalwood, neroli blossom and patchouli. Those ingredients come together with anti-inflammatory extracts of aloe vera to soften and hydrate the skin. It’s suited to all skin types and has a “maximum-slip” texture to get a smooth, clean shave. It’s time for dad to ditch those crusty old aerosol cans in the cupboard.

Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum 60ml is $39.00. Available at Aesop stores and online.

PARK Social Soccer Co Ball
When you buy a colourful, design-minded PARK soccer ball, another identical ball is given to a child in need through a local charity. Sam Davy, a graphic designer and the former global creative director for Apple, and Tara Montoneri founded PARK in 2015. The not-for-profit is based in Melbourne and New York. Davy and Montoneri believe giving soccer balls – and thus the ability to play soccer – to refugees, at-risk youth and other marginalised groups has a multitude of benefits including promoting teamwork; gender equality and a sense of belonging; reducing social exclusion and discrimination; and improving mental and physical health. Give one of these bold soccer balls to dad, and in doing so give a ball – and the beautiful game – to a child in need.

PARK Social Soccer Co Ball is $40. It’s available at passaball.com.