Our dogs are our babies, there is no doubt about it. More than ever, we’re really investing in our fur children, rather than just picking up whatever is on sale at the local pet shop. From their food to their collars, we all want our pups to have the very best.

I was introduced to The Nomads Dog by my aunty, whose new puppy Daisy has been styled in a full kit from the Central Coast brand.

The limited collections are small but considered – the latest is called “City Adventures” and features brass hardware and patterned materials ranging from florals to neutral hues. Whether your dog is a playful roamer or a minimalist city-dweller, you’ll find a stylish option that reflects their personality.

“Everything is handcrafted in my small studio at home,” says founder Kate Steele. “Some fabrics I only have a small run of. Others I will keep on for longer, especially if I love the fabric.”

And it’s all customisable. There are options not just for collar sizes, but for the width of the band and varying lead lengths. You can even get a matching bow tie for your pup’s collar, if they’re fancy like that. Instead of being stuck with whatever pattern you can get on a chunky collar for your lead-pulling chunky boy, you’ve got options at your fingertips.

But the best customisable option has to be the brass or silver nickel hardware. Those chunky silver clips don’t pop with your fur baby’s rust and cream colouring? The brass hardware might suit.

The pooch bag is an excellent addition if you’re wanting easy-access treats (or poop bags). Designed to clip mid-way along the lead, they’re big enough to store snacks that’ll be in easy reach for good boys and girls.

On the style front, The Nomad Dog bandannas are cute, featuring a reversible design colour blocking on the flip side – minimalism at its best.

Steele has two pups of her own, a schnoodle called Nessie and a cattle cross called Louis. “I’m about to make Nessie a collar from my new City Adventures range. I just need to decide on the pattern. She is also testing out a new harness that I am hoping to launch soon.”

Prices for fabric dog collars start at $24, with lead and pooch bags from $39 for the set. Bandanas start at $16.