New tiles, statement lighting and a paint job are usually the go-tos for quick and easy room refreshes – but the details matter just as much. In the bedroom that might mean new linen, or styling new decor in the lounge. In the bathroom and kitchen? New taps.

They’re hardly given much thought despite being used often, and new direct-to-consumer tapware and bathroom supplies company Yabby wants to change that.

Founder Drew Mansur also founded Tile Cloud and learned through talking to customers renovating their bathrooms, kitchens and laundries that their needs in the tapware space weren’t being met.

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“We hear a lot about what they’re interested in, what they like, what they’re looking for, and that kind of research helped shape the styles we wanted to bring forward,” Mansur says. “We just have a handful of the most popular styles in the most popular colours, so our range is very condensed but it’s the stuff people have been asking for.”

And because of Yabby’s model, the company saves money on showrooms and salespeople, passing that saving onto customers.

There are 12 products – across shower heads, shower taps, bath spouts, sink mixers and shower shelves – in four colours. Black is a popular statement piece, while the chrome shade is your classic, versatile pick. There’s also a brushed brass with a golden hue, and the brushed nickel is a slightly warmer, champagne-like colour to others out there.

Yabby products come with comprehensive warranties: lifetime against casting defects and porosity; 10 years against cartridge, aerator and valve defects; five years on surface finish; and another two years on the washers and O-rings.

“We know that we’re selling an absolutely class-leading product in terms of quality and we wanted to make sure our warranty reflected that,” Mansur says. “That’s just standing behind our product saying, ‘If there are any issues, we’re here to support you and sort them out.’”

And there’s a seven-day free trial too, so you can see how the products look in your space – in your lighting, against all the other colours and materials you have, removing the guesswork of whether or not it’ll fit your aesthetic.

“We wanted to get our products into customers’ hands with the least risk possible to them,” Mansur says.

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