Not all inflatable pools are made equal. That’s the idea behind the blow-up pools launched by (cleverly named) new Melbourne brand Pool Buoy.

Firstly, they have stylish contemporary patterns and colours – think terrazzo, pastels and vibrant, Keith Haring-inspired lines. Secondly, they all have fabulous names: Luigi Lovegood, Wavy Bjorne, Peachy Pat and Kinky Splash.

“Our pools have been designed with adults in mind – for them to be able to comfortably stretch out or join with a friend. We say, ‘Why should the little kids have all the fun?’”, says Rae Maxwell, founder of Pool Buoy (and the designer behind Melbourne furniture label Barnaby Lane).

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Thirdly, these pools are meant to last more than one summer. They’re made with durable, heavyweight vinyl (PVC) that’s BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free. It’s believed heavy exposure to those products could be bad, “so it’s a no brainer to remove these”, says Maxwell.

Maxwell adds that inflatable pools are often made with phthalates, which give the PVC greater flexibility. But bodies such as the European Union have banned these chemicals in toys to prevent possible adverse effects in infants. “Our products are 6P-phthalate-free,” she says.

To ensure greater longevity, the pools come in a “pack-away envelope” – they’re soon switching to a canvas bag – so you can store your pool away between summers. They also come with repair kits, just in case there’s a blowout.