The world moves quickly, and if we don’t take the time to slow down and look around, it can be easy to miss something. This philosophy is essential to nature photographers, whose skills are as much about patience as they are technical expertise. This is the premise of Unhurried by Nature, a photography exhibition and a collaboration between Broadsheet and The Glen Grant.
The exhibition celebrates the determination, patience and perseverance necessary in great nature photography – and in great whisky-making – to capture the perfect shot.

The photographs will be on display this August at Marfa Gallery in Abbotsford, Melbourne and are now available to purchase online. The artists involved are Jake Roden, Sarah Pannell, Tim Hillier and Michaela Skovranova.

Pannell’s work draws on visual ambiguity and uses the rich colours of film photography to heighten the landscape of Mount Macedon, while Roden’s work is a result of trudging through the snow in Alpine National Park, Victoria to find the right shot. Hillier’s psychedelic-tinged images evoke the shimmering heat of early mornings in Darwin, while Skovranova’s exploratory documentary-style work features stunning underwater photography from Port Phillip Bay.

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Twenty images will be on display, with five artworks featured from each photographer. Guests are invited to explore both the process and the resulting image, gaining insight into how our environment can be transformed and our senses heightened – all with a little patience.

The 20 images will also be available to purchase through Broadsheet Editions for a limited time following the exhibition.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with The Glen Grant Single Malt Whisky.