Stencil artist and Archibald Prize finalist Luke Cornish (ELK) is selling prints of one of his recent artworks to raise money for women and children impacted by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

The work, called AFN (the abbreviation for Afghanistan’s official currency, the afghani), comes from 2021 exhibition Don’t Shoot the Messenger, which featured a series of banknotes stencilled with images exploring inequality and global conflicts.

“This piece, featuring an Afghani woman dressed in a burqa, seeks to highlight the oppression of women under the strict Islamic law of Taliban rule, an issue that, sadly, is no longer a thing of the past,” says Cornish.

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Cornish is selling the prints for $120, $210 or $300, depending on the size of the artwork. One hundred per cent of profits raised will be donated to Mahboba’s Promise, founded by Afghan-Australian Mahboba Rawi. The Australian aid organisation is focusing efforts on the needs of hundreds of families currently camped outside Kabul.

The art sale has raised $14,000 so far, with only two days left to go.

It’s hosted on Art Aid Australia – a platform for artists and collectors to respond to global humanitarian and ecological issues. The sale ends at 11.59pm on Tuesday August 31.