Let’s be honest – we should celebrate our mums every day of the year. With Mother’s Day just around the corner though, here’s your chance to really show you care by spoiling her with a special gift that she might not think (or dare) to indulge in on her own.

Whether that’s a special robe that’s equally at home on the beach or in the bathroom, or a beguiling essence that will follow her throughout the day, we’ve got you well covered with a comprehensive guide to the Mother’s Day gifts that definitely won’t go unnoticed. Plus, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win a curated batch of goodies from this year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide – which means all you’ll have to do is write the card.

Under $50

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Walnut and Date bar from Hunted and Gathered
Handcrafted in Melbourne from all organic ingredients, this limited edition bar from Hunted and Gathered adds velvety Medjool dates and lightly toasted walnuts to a 55 per cent base of rich Dominican Republic chocolate. Priced at $7.50, it contrasts the textures of crunchy walnuts and chewy dates with a balance that only chocolate can provide. There are also plenty of other bars available which combine a variety of other flavours and chocolates.

Broadsheet gift card
A gift card for a night out is always going to come in handy, so what about one that can be used at more than 10,000 venues around Australia? That includes not just some of the best restaurants in your city of choice, but cafes and bars too. Starting at $50 with larger denominations available, it’s a thoughtful yet flexible treat that mum can wield at her leisure – and you can choose between a physical card or digital version.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution from Mecca
Give mum the gift of a textured, shine-free smile with this unusually soft matte lipstick. Priced at $48, it’s made with 3D glowing pigments for a pillowy fullness. The angled tip allows for precision, while the colour lasts for up to 10 hours. And with 20 different shades available – including some that are vegan-friendly – this one ticks all the right boxes.

Pickled Native Kakadu Plum & Pear Hot Sauce from Ziggy’s Wildfoods
Sourced from tropical Northern Territory, the fermented and pickled Kakadu plum brings a pear-like presence to this juicy hot sauce. Also in the warming mix are ghost chillies and jalapeno, alongside subtler Spanish onion and garlic, plus other native ingredients like pepperberry. Priced at $25 for a 200ml bottle, it’s vegan, gluten- and preservative-free. And the team at Ziggy’s Wildfoods recommends including it as an added kick to a cocktail as well as to food.

Italian-Made Ceramic Coaster from Alex and Trahanas
Made in Puglia, Italy, while drawing inspiration from the flowing seascapes and striped Italian awnings on display there, this ceramic coaster stands out with its streamlined imagery and visual openness. And each one is unique, thanks to its handpainted origins. That story alone separates it from your average coaster, and it should prove to be a dreamy fit with your mum’s favourite glass of wine or warm cuppa. For $45, it’s a household item to cherish in those everyday moments.

Jamsheed 2021 Apricity Chardonnay
Named after a Persian king who saw his kingdom in a cup of wine, Jamsheed focuses on single-vineyard wines grown on unique sites across Victoria. Its unfiltered 2021 Apricity chardonnay hails from Dixon’s Creek in Yarra Valley, where it was direct pressed for fermentation in old French oak barrels. It’s a bright and flavoursome score for $36. Also well worth a look is Jamsheed’s 2021 Kitty Flip pét-nat, a citrusy and fizzy delight at $32. Grab both for a guaranteed spot in mum’s good books.

Under $100

Hand-Thrown Clay Incense Holder From Commons Ceramics
Much like the Alex and Trahanas coaster, handcrafted care takes this one to a whole new level. It’s a gorgeously neutral incense holder made from hand-thrown Victorian clay, with a simple design that should spark inner serenity. Available in natural grey or with a playful splash of white added, this bowl-like piece is priced at $60. And each one is subtly unique, thanks to that human touch factor.

Flamingo Estate Olive Tree Candle from Mecca
Named for the generous Los Angeles property and garden that yields so many of its distinctive botanicals, Flamingo Estate brings a similar focus on natural freshness to its range of candles. Made with 100 per cent hand-poured vegetable wax and priced at $83 per 226g candle, the options range from individual expressions like olive tree, sage, rosemary and heirloom tomato, as well as house blends themed for clarity and euphoria.

Yuzucello from Beechworth Bitters
Presiding over celebrated high-end Japanese eatery Provenance in Beechworth, chef Michael Ryan used the lockdown period to branch out into making bitters and herbal liqueurs. Most eye-grabbing among his growing range is the sweetly aromatic Yuzucello, which is exactly what it sounds like: a limoncello made with yuzu. The floral Asian citrus fruit is sourced fresh from the Ovens Valley, while the $65 bottle’s bold yellow label is a subtle hat-tip to the Kill Bill movies.

Halo Glass from Kah
Inspired by early 20th-century design – particularly traditional Venetian glassmaking techniques – Sydney artist and designer Katie Ann Houghton seamlessly combines innovation and utility in everything she makes under her Kah brand. That’s especially true of this stemless wine glass, priced at $99 and punctuated by a wooden marble partway up the curve. It’s designed so that the marble sits between your fingers while you grip the glass, providing quiet stability while the wide bowl encourages the wine to open up over time.

Pavlova Print from Food for Everyone
Tasmanian painter Lauren Cassar pays warm and fuzzy homage to the joy of holiday baking with this print inspired by Beatrix Bakes founder Natalie Paull’s coconut sugar pavlova. Rather than dwelling on the finished product, Cassar dreamily renders the ingredients as a work-in-progress. As part of the Food For Everyone series, the limited-run piece also lists the dish’s ingredients underneath – and each one purchased provides 10 meals for those in need. Available for $90 in an A3 size (or $120 in A2), it’s even printed on paper made entirely from recycled coffee cups.

Evening Light Gin from Brogan’s Way
The pastel-tinted progression from afternoon to dusk provides the inspiration for this new age gin from Richmond distillery Brogan’s Way. It strikes a delicate balance between locally sourced mango, grapefruit and raspberry notes while adding hints of red rose and river mint. Other native botanicals join in as well, including strawberry gum and lilly pilly. Whether mum happens to be a gin-and-tonic aficionado, a straight sipper or a newcomer to Aussie spirits, this is a multipurpose winner that’s reasonably priced at $85 for an eye-catching 700ml bottle.

Heart Hoop Earrings from Haus of Dizzy
Haus of Dizzy founder – and proud Wiradjuri woman – Kristy Dickinson always ensures that her jewellery makes a positive statement about Indigenous culture, and these handpainted earrings are no exception. Inspired by an Aboriginal symbol depicting a woman, these sea-glass earrings come in either pastel pink, lemon zest or flamingo, available for $59 in size small and $69 in size large. They are sure to brighten your mum’s day, whichever design you opt for.

Mecca Cosmetica Mecca-morphosis Revitalising Hydration Mask from Mecca
An easy-to-apply source of hydration, this brush-on restorative face mask promises to rejuvenate the skin in just 20 minutes. Priced at $54, it’s blissfully free from parabens and other nasties, instead relying on natural ingredients including olive squalane and peony root extract. That makes for a firming, plumping result that will feel just as good as it looks. And, after everything that mum has done for you, isn’t that the least you can do?

Under $200

Canele Jewellery Dish from Corey Ashford
Evoke daydreams of holidaying in France with this canele-inspired dish from Melbourne designer and maker Corey Ashford. A cosy resting place for those most treasured rings and trinkets, it’s individually sculpted from a single piece of stone. Available for $160, this is a playful way to showcase jewellery in a low-key backdrop that, on closer inspection, reveals nuances to its individual natural colouring and softly fluted outer edge.

Travel Coffee Kit from Market Lane
What gift could be more welcome than high quality coffee on the go? This ultra-portable coffee kit promises a boost any time or anywhere, thanks to a Hario pour-over cone, a 100-pack of Cafec Abaca pour-over filter papers, digital pocket scales from Market Lane and even a handy brew guide to perfect and customise just the right cup. Priced at $120, it all comes in a retro-look striped travel bag from Hay to make the transportation both easy and stylish.

Mix & Match Silk Linen Pillowcases from FlipKip
Step up mum’s sleep game with a pair of luxurious silk linen pillowcases from FlipKip, which can be flipped for organic silk on one side or organic linen on the other. That makes for no crease marks and a much gentler impact on hair, among other benefits for skin. The choose-your-own-adventure factor continues with this mix-and-match deal, which pairs two colours of your choice from a vibrant in-house array. For $149.99, all you need to do now is decide which colour would best suit your mum.

Sand-Coloured Towel Pouch from Lucy Folk
Reach for the beach instantly with this zippable towel pouch – in sand colour no less. A collab between Lucy Folk and Marrakesh-based Lalla, it’s available in a small version for $115 and a medium version for $135. It’s the ideal way to tuck a towel into any bag on the go and whip it out again just when a craving for the beach hits. That practical edge should appeal to anyone’s mother, and it’s soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye too.

Turkish-Made Robe from Hommey
Speaking of the beach, this versatile robe works just as well for the beach, pool or colder seasons spent indoors. The extra-large belt allows for a fit as snug or as loose as one pleases, and the 100 per cent cotton composition is soft right across the board. Made in Turkey, this wide-striped classic is available in four sizes for $149. It also comes in a range of solid colours, if that’s more your mum’s style.

Handpainted Glazed Vase from Elnaz Nourizadeh
Iranian-Australian ceramicist Elnaz Nourizadeh brings a whimsical splash of joy to the designs she paints onto her uniquely shaped earthenware vases. Ideal for flowers, incense or other vertical objects around the house, these small vases are priced at $120. Surprise your mum by filling them with flowers before you hand it over, or leave the choice to her. Whatever way, this simple object will provide a fun distraction on a daily basis.

Ellis Brooklyn Florist EDP from Mecca
Exclusive to Mecca, Ellis Brooklyn is a New York-based brand founded by New York Times beauty columnist Bee Shapiro. There’s a huge range of scents and extracts to choose from, from the beachy Salt EDP to the mountain chalet-inspired Après EDP and latest release, Florist (priced between $53 and $180 depending on the size). Brooklyn’s alluring scents draw from the purity of the natural world, while adding an extra hint of mystery and complexity that will travel alongside your mum all day long.

Ego Shoulder Bag from Im Me
A new bag can provide an instant confidence boost, but you also want something that will continue to stand out once the novelty has worn off. Luckily, that’s very much the case with this sparkly bronze shoulder bag from Melbourne-based Im Me. Inspired by the intricacy of crochet, it also features a luminous metallic sheen. That combination of structure and texture gives it longevity and promises to make it an instant favourite, priced at $190.

Over $200

Jalen Sandal from A Emery
Australian brand A Emery specialises in style-forward minimalist footwear, as evidenced by this wide-strapped Jalen sandal. Crafted from full-grain leather and finished with a soft gold buckle at the back, it sits at the intersection of comfort and durability while looking great with each step. It’s available for $220 in your choice of nougat, sienna, animal, deep tan or brunette.

Hand-Blown Glass Decanter from Brian Hirst
Stable and stylish, this hand-blown 750ml glass decanter will bring a light-hearted touch to the loving ritual of pouring that favourite drop of wine. Designed by veteran Sydney glassworker Brian Hirst, it’s even signed by the artist. That makes sense because each decanter is subtly unique thanks to the art of hand-blowing. Pick up one now for $280 and make it a conversation piece to enhance mum’s wine collection.

Red Ombre Sweater from Wynn Hamlyn
Using the hand-sprayed technique to create the gradient effect, this scene-stealing Wynn Hamlyn garment is a loose-fitting sweater, ideal for the cooler months. Featuring striking bursts of red, pink and black, the sweater has a casual feel with rib knit finishings at the hems, cuffs and sleeves. Available for $608, it’s a no-brainer for breezy spring afternoons as well as autumn strolls.

Handcrafted Luxury Sunglasses from Sener Besim
Sener Besim’s handcrafted Nero sunglasses are a feat of painstaking ingenuity, but they also just strike a cool profile. Handcrafted in Japan with more than 1000 hours of production time per pair, these luxury unisex sunnies are strictly limited edition. At $950, these aren’t throwaway shades for mum to toss in the glove box. These are the high-style version of eyewear (and eye protection), with every detail instilled with world-class craftsmanship.

Polished Brass Dew Drop Earrings from Dinosaur Designs
Dinosaur Designs’ handmade resin-based jewellery is a local favourite for good reason. They jump out to the eye while also boasting care and style alike. These high-polished earrings are a classic example of that, right down to the nano-coated brass detail. With 10 different colours on offer, you can hand-pick the ones that best suit mum for $280 per pair. The dew drop design is sure to make a statement.

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The Prize pack includes Hunted and Gathered Walnut and Date Chocolate ($7.50), Ziggy’s Wildfoods Pickles Native Kakadu Plum & Pear Hot Sauce ($25), Jamsheed Kitty Flip Pet Nat ($32), Jamsheed Apricity Chardonnay ($36), Alex and Trahanas Lido Ceramic Coaster ($45), Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick ($48), Mecca Cosmetica Mecca-morphosis Revitalising Hydration Mask ($54), Haus of Dizzy Sea Glass ‘Woman’ Heart Hoop Earrings ($59), Commons Ninoki Incense Holder ($60), Beechworth Bitters Yuzucello ($65), Flamingo Estate Olive Tree Candle ($83), Brogan’s Way Evening Light Gin ($85), Food for Everyone Pavlova Print ($90), Broadsheet Gift Voucher ($100), Lucy Folk Lalla Small Towel Pouch ($115), Elnaz Nourizadeh Handpainted Glazed Vase ($115), Market Lane Travel Coffee Kit ($120), Hommey Robe ($149), FlipKip The Mix and Match Bundle ($149.99), Ellis Brooklyn Florist EDP ($180), Im me Acid Bag ($190), A. Emery Jalen Sandal ($220).

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Mecca.