Sydney-born outdoor accessories and furniture brand Basil Bangs has been making summer essentials for a decade, and to mark the occasion it has collaborated with Aussie artist Ken Done on a small collection.

“An artist print collaboration with Ken Done has been on our ‘that would be the ultimate’ wishlist for years,” Basil Bangs co-founder Krista Huebner tells Broadsheet. “I shot off an email, crossed my fingers and toes, and did a big dance around the office when [he] said yes … It’s an absolute dream come true.”

The collection is a celebration of the quintessential Australian summer, with days spent in the sun. Huebner selected one of Done’s artworks December Coral Garden to print on a picnic rug ($169) and a beach umbrella ($289, with a UPF50+ protection rating) because of its punchy colour palette and lively underwater scene. They’re kitsch and functional, fit for the poolside, backyard, public garden, beach or campground.

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“His work encapsulates for us everything we feel is an Aussie summer: happiness, optimism, sunshine, vibrant colour and being near the water,” Huebner says.

Basil Bangs is also releasing a new range of seasonal prints drawing on the ’70s and ’80s and from artists such as Henri Matisse and Jean Cocteau.

Huebner and husband Mike Durante founded the brand with two other friends in Sydney’s Bondi as an ode to summer and the great outdoors. It’s been making the season more bright and vibrant for 10 years by selling umbrellas, lounge chairs, cushions, accessories and homewares.

“I can’t quite believe how time has flown,” Huebner says. “When we first started out the concept of a premium beach umbrella was crazy, but 10 years on we’re still here and we’ve helped to raise the bar at the beach.”

The Basil Bangs x Ken Done collection is available now, online and at select retailers nationwide.