Sydney fashion label Jac & Jack and Aussie manchester company Sheridan have released a range of minimal “bedwear”.

The new collection features two quilt covers, a fitted sheet set and a European pillowcase. They’re made with natural fibres such as hemp and cotton, and come in two colours: a dusty pink with terracotta undertones and an understated sky blue.

The bedding is designed to fit into your existing bedroom set-up as comfortably as white or beige – a deliberate choice by Jac & Jack design director Jac Hunt inspired by the ideas that drive her clothing design process.

“The colours are considered and nuanced but incredibly easy to live with, very much like our clothes,” she says. “There’s an ease in this collection, and each piece is designed to work with what you already own, mixed together or with white.”

The pink braid quilt cover is made from a hemp and cotton blend, which Hunt says gives the bedding a soft, earthy feel. “We wanted to be as sustainable as possible, so hemp was a natural fit – it grows quickly and can be replanted and rotated,” she says. “It also has wonderful characteristics – it softens after each wash, and it’s breathable, very durable and easy to care for.”

The collaboration is a good fit – both brands share a minimal, less-is-more ethos in their styling, and both use materials designed for comfort, longevity and versatility.

It’s Sheridan’s first collaboration with a fashion label (though it’s previously partnered with the Opera House, as well as Sydney florist Grandiflora), and the first time the brand has used hemp in its products.