“Light informs emotion, delights with colour and tells a story,” says Duncan Ward. “It’s a language – a conversation between the spaces it illuminates and the people that inhabit them.”

At his lighting design studio Satelight, Ward – along with co-founders Ben Merrylees and Matt McQuiggan – uses light to create atmosphere, invoke warmth and evoke feeling in spaces large and small.

Designed to “become objects that the space wears”, Satelight’s pieces can be as delicate and whimsical as the Entwine pendant light ($1775) – a brass rod with a glowing, woven rope suspended from it, looping around it, forming twists and knots – and as bold and geometrical as the Gatsby Flying V ($1200), a sleek, art-deco-inspired hanging LED light in a v-shaped timber fitting.

The team has also just launched the A-Line Design Desk, which arrives flat-packed, ready to be popped out of a single sheet of either fibreboard ($290) or plywood ($390). The desk takes just five minutes to assemble; requires no screws or bolts (instead, components slots into each other); and can be disassembled just as quickly.

Whether the team is turning its eye to practical home-office furniture or statement lighting, each piece is akin to a small art installation, designed with a technical and emotional lens. Works are inspired by everything from contemporary jewellery to the forms and textures of nature.

Satelite’s pieces are designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne, but the team has created works for clients in the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia.

There’s no online shop just yet, so you’ll need to get in touch for a quote. Prices start at $279 for a Hanging Garden Oval Pendant Light, up to around $4000 for custom designs.