Sydney-based lifestyle label Alex and Trahanas has always been inspired by Italy’s penchant for la dolce vita, and it’s once again tapping into the “sweet life” with its summer 2020 range, La Famiglia (“the family”).

Co-owner Heleena Trahanas says the new collection of ceramic homewares (handmade in Puglia), clothing and jewellery has been designed to evoke memories of summer days revolving around shared meals with family and friends. That carefree European holiday mood – full of warmth, laughter and good food – is needed more than ever this year due to Covid, she says.

“The La Famiglia edition and palette has been designed to whisk you away to the dazzling blue Adriatic coast evoking long, lazy, languid lunches on sun-drenched terraces where it’s ‘andra tutto bene’ – everything is okay,” she says.

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The collection includes homewares such as dinner plates, large sculptural candles and mismatched champagne flutes; clothing (cute kids’ overalls, unisex striped shirts, and shirt dresses with gold-shell buttons); and pasta-inspired jewellery created in collaboration with Louise Olsen, co-founder of Dinosaur Designs.

Trahanas says her favourite item in the collection is probably the hand-painted fruit bowl. “We love it for its stripes and limone e arancia [lemon and orange] Italian summery palette. It’s a versatile piece that can be used as a fruit bowl ... or as a show-stopping piece to serve a delicious pasta or sgroppino [sorbet cocktail] for your guests. It truly lights up the table when entertaining.”

She and co-founder Alexandra Heard also love the hand-poured Roman banquet candle and stone holder, created with designer and creative director Tony Assness.

“The stone stands are made from a combination of diestone and cement, and have been inspired by the rich history of architecture and high-society feasts in Italy,” says Trahanas. “It’s 45 centimetres tall, which sets the tone for a grand occasion and also makes a beautiful sculptural piece in a design-lover’s home.”

The range is available online now.