If only our homes could smell as good as those Aesop hand creams and heady perfumes. Now they can: earlier this month Aesop launched its Aromatique Room Sprays with three scents.

The sprays, which were developed over two years, use high-quality botanical extracts that ensure the fragrance, once sprayed, is enduring and rich. Aesop says, in an average sized room, two to three sprays will last three hours.

Istros is refined with a smoky floral fragrance, made from pink pepper, lavender and mimosa, with undertones of cedar and sandalwood; Olous is vibrant and uplifting, mixing green and citrus botanicals such as grapefruit, bergamot, jasmine and galbanum with cardamom, cedar and incense; Cythera is warm, with a spicy, woody aroma that comes from its blend of neroli, geranium and patchouli with ambrette and myrrh.

"Aesop is synonymous with scent, so it felt like a natural evolution for us to introduce Aromatique Room Sprays as a permanent addition to our range," says Dr Kate Forbes, Aesop's general manager of Products and R&D. "Our desire was to create three considered scents to offer discrete choice and stimulate the senses.” Aesop enlisted American composer and musician Jesse Paris Smith – Patti Smith’s daughter – to create three pieces of music (one inspired by each scent), which you can download from Aesop’s website. The idea is that the audio track will enhance the olfactory experience.

The 100 millilitre scents come in Aesop’s signature amber glass bottles (like its perfumes) and cost $60.


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