Australians can no longer access news articles through Facebook. Publishers like Broadsheet cannot make posts, and users cannot share links from publishers among their Facebook friends.

That you already know this, a day after this policy was implemented, shows the post-Facebook news cycle isn’t as sluggish or ineffective as we might have feared. At worst, it’s an inconvenience.

Facebook doesn’t create articles and never has. It doesn’t employ journalists, editors, sub-editors and photographers to gather and publish news. Its only role was aggregating other peoples’ work – bringing it all together in one central place made for infinite scrolling.

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If you miss that experience, there are other places to get it. Apps such as Flipboard, Smartnews and Feedly allow you to curate your own newsfeed, while harvesting far less of your personal data.

Still, Facebook’s withdrawal is a blow for many independent publishers. It’s not just large news organisations such as The Guardian and The ABC that have been wiped off the platform. Single-person music blogs, volunteer-run arts journals and a plethora of other small, yet vital, Australian publishers can no longer reach new and existing readers through Facebook. They will suffer.

To help them (and you) out, we’ve compiled a list of independent Australian publishers covering art and design, music and dance, food and drink, and other cultural topics.

The best way to support these titles and keep hearing from them is by visiting their pages directly and/or subscribing to their newsletters, where available. That goes for Broadsheet too: you can sign up to our newsletter here.

Art & Design
Art Edit Magazine
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Monthly
Audrey Journal
Australian Design Review
Dot + Pop
Est Living
Interiors Addict
NGV Magazine
Matters Journal
The Design Files
Trouble Juice

Fashion & Style
10 Magazine
Acclaim Magazine
Ascension Mag
Fashion Journal
Hey Gents
Life Without Andy
Marie Claire Australia
Oyster Mag
Sneaker Freaker

Food & Drink
Ale of a Time
Australian Bartender
Brews News
Dani Valent
Gourmet Traveller
I’m Still Hungry
Lunch Lady
Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
Not Quite Nigella
The Crafty Pint
The Real Review
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry
The Winefront
Wine Companion
Young Gun of Wine

AAA Backstage
Acclaim Magazine
Acid Stag
Aussie Theatre
Australian Stage
Beat Magazine
Best Before
Broader Lines
Dance Australia
Dance Informa Australia
Deafen Country
Effect 350
Forte Magazine
Homegrown Sounds
Laundry Echo
Life Without Andy
Monster Children
Melbourne Deepcast
Milk Bar Mag
Music Feeds
NME Australia
Opinion Police
Oyster Mag
Purple Sneakers
Rolling Stone Australia
Stage Whispers
Sound Doctrine
Stoney Roads
Temporary Dreamer
The Interns
The Music Network
The Music
Thomas Bleach
Tone Deaf
Trouble Juice
Weirdo Wasteland
Wickedd Childd

Literature & Writing
Archer Magazine
Australian Book Review
Griffith Review
Going Down Swinging
Indigenous X
Kill Your Darlings
Liminal Magazine
Lindsay Magazine
Overland Literary Journal
Sydney Review of Books
The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas