Two perfectly ripe peaches. That’s all we can think of when we look at this playful vase, which is a little bit taller than the average phone or drinking glass.

Inspired partially by this year’s many pants-free days and partially by ancient Greek goddess statues, the perky ceramic piece is $44 and comes in three shades (nude, fawn and terracotta) with a quartz-based glaze. It’s perfect for displaying small bunches of fresh tulips, orchids, roses or dried flowers.

Known as the “Femme” vase, it comes from Beysis, a women-owned, Sydney-based label that specialises in small, personalised accessories such as Airpod cases, makeup cases and perfume atomisers. Apart from a simple cotton shopping bag, Femme is the first Beysis product that can’t be personalised with initials or other text. And really, why would you want to write on that perfectly sculpted booty?

Bonus: for every Femme vase sold, Beysis will donate $1 to Project Change International, an Australian not-for-profit that educates and empowers young women to help end the cycle of poverty, abuse and sex trafficking.

Beysis is also giving away $500 to one creative customer. To enter, create a mini floral arrangement in your Femme and post on Instagram before October 27 with the hashtag #bootyfulbeysiscomp.

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