Online yoga and meditation platform W1LL takes a modern approach to the ancient practices.

Its Australian founder, Jacinta McDonell, has designed an easy-to-follow and accessible online yoga service.

“The idea came to me while traveling. I went through so many YouTube videos and couldn’t find what I was looking for,” says McDonell. “The quality was terrible, none had been matched with suitable music or was the style I was learning.”

McDonell already has a number of successful ventures, including Urban Yoga (now rebranded as W1LL) in Surry Hills and the gym franchise Anytime Fitness.

Developed with W1LL’s in-house DJ and production team, each workout’s soundtrack suits its pace; music ranges from eclectic soundscapes to slow acoustic songs.

“Traditionally, yoga comes first and music is just played in the background, but it makes more sense to put music at the forefront and let your posture follow,” says McDonell.

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Each session’s narrator leads users through a 22- or 44-minute class for which the pictured movements are matched to visuals.

The subscription costs $17.99 a month and a portion of its earnings is donated to The Human Kind Project, a not-for-profit organisation established by McDonell in 2015. The foundation partnered with The Hunger Project in the same year to create better opportunities for women in Malawi and India. And through a mentorship and training program Human Kind Project has helped people in Malawi and Bangladesh find the means to run small businesses. Its efforts in India help girls attend night school in rural towns.

The online store is available for Android and iPhone now.